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When it comes to traversing the beautiful landscape that is South Australia there is no greater way than on 4 wheels, in your own car. Regardless of whether you’re after a pre-planned route  or a completely adaptable itinerary, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the driving seat. Organising car rental in South Australia is a convenient and hassle free way to experience everything this stunning destination has to offer.


With the beautiful Flinders Ranges just a few hours drive from the capital of Adelaide you have some of the most stunning mountains accessible to you. Look in wonder as you drive through this glorious region and watch the environment change around you. Make the most of your freedom and explore the Adelaide Hills, with gorgeous backdrops and wildlife all around, you won’t be disappointed. For a truly special opportunity, take a 4WD over to the iconic Kangaroo Island for an incredible experience where you can embark on an off-road adventure.

Organising your car hire in South Australia, has never been easier thanks to Broome, Kimberley & Beyond. We work with a range of car hire companies in order to provide you with a vast selection of affordable automobiles. Optional extras may include satellite navigation, cruise control and Bluetooth so your journey is as enjoyable inside the car as outside.

Ultimately there are a multitude of ways to travel but only one way to live, and that’s experiencing the world, your own way, in your own time with the open road ahead of you. Strap in and let the memories begin.

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