Tips & More for your Next Kimberley Tours

Self-Guided vs Guided Kimberley Tours

A lot can agree that the Kimberley is a fantastic place to visit. The place offers a  stunning scenery that is covered by a diverse flora and fauna, which is backed up by an interesting history. Explore all Kimberley tours packages and see some amazing ways to explore the Kimberley region.

However, you need more guidance for the next Kimberley tour you’ll embark on. Here are some of the tips you can use for your next trip!

When can you go to the Kimberleys?

A holiday destination’s climate and weather conditions are usually the common factors in considering  where and when to travel next. The Kimberley Region, in the far North- West of Australia, is characterised by complex weather patterns throughout the year. So we don’t only go the Kimberley any time of the year and expect the same results and experience. Instead, it all boils down to a few factors to consider in traveling to Kimberley.

The best time of the year

We recommend visiting the region around May to the mid month of June as the best time of the year.

This is because from May to mid June, the Kimberley rivers and waterfalls are still pumping and alive from the wet season.

Our chances of getting a bit of rain are particularly higher during the early part of May, which adds to the thrill in your adventure! In May there’s often still a fair bit of water around. So the vegetation is still fresh and green. However, due to the wetness of the season, some minor road closures take place.. The days are warming up in September, but even with the region’s maximum temperatures, it’s still considerably comfortable. After all, the surface water available keeps the region fresh, while the wet season’s high temperatures and humidity come to pass to make your experience more comfy. You can expect your days and nights to be a little bit warmer at that time than in July, which should keep you from freezing over when you camp out at night!

When you’re into photography or are a professional photographer, the best time of the year to  visit is during the month of May. This time of the year proves itself convenient for photographers in terms of travel and of taking pictures. The time you choose to visit the Kimberley region is a huge factor for how easy it is to travel and get a good angle for your photos before nature gets out of control in the area. Before you know it, smoke in the air can be the only thing you see in your pictures. The smoke comes from all the burning that usually starts when the lower area of the vegetation catches fire because of how dry it’s become. Another external factor that could affect your experience is an increase in traffic as the season gets really busy, which can result to a lot more dust on the roads that are out to ruin the perfect shot!

Meanwhile, the months: September and October are by far a good time to visit the Kimberley Region if you prefer to avoid the busiest times of the year. While September can still see a fair amount of tourist traffic, it is definitely less busy than in the earlier months. You get to experience the Kimberley region all to yourself if you take the time to travel during the month of October. However, you will need to prepare yourself for the hot season of the year to tolerate some heat and humidity that comes along with it.

Even the region’s temperatures overnight are still up a notch around the mid to high twenties.

Therefore, this time isn’t the best for any physical activity such as swimming, hiking and an open-roof drive. If you’d like to pursue this time of the year, you’d need a few nights in an air-conditioned accommodation to gain a great holiday experience, nonetheless!

How do I plan the Kimberley tour?

Planning on a Kimberley tour best begins with the time of the year when you’re going, because where you are in the world does not make much difference to your planning. There are available services and  information ready for you for as long as you decide to go.

The Broome, Kimberley & Beyond Travel Specialists can help you with booking for your next Kimberley travel.

Meanwhile, you can start planning by building a list of itinerary for your Kimberley travel!

Are you going on a Kimberley tour with your family? Or are you out to get more adventurous by going on your own?

Once you are able to  firmly decide on the dates when you’re going, staying for the night and leaving the Kimberley region, then you can use those details to book and relax from there. Just keep reading and browsing our website as you decide on making arrangements over the next few months with us at Broome, Kimberley & Beyond!