7 Must-Visit Natural Wonders in Australia’s
South West

indijup natural spa

Western Australia's South West is home to an incredible array of natural wonders, from tall-timber forests to pristine beaches, rare flora and fauna and unique experiences. Here's our must-visit spots on your next journey to this picturesque region.


Indijup Natural Spa

Just a short drive south of Yallingup off Wyadup Road, you’ll find this idyllic natural rock pool with a mini waterfall, sheltered from the waves beyond. It’s the perfect place to park yourself on a rock and soak your feet on a warm summer’s day.

Cave 1

Margaret River Region Caves

An unforgettable experience while in the South West is to join a guided tour of one of the natural limestone caves dotted throughout the region. With many accessible from Caves Road, the most-visited in the area include Mammoth Cave, Lake Cave, Ngilgi Cave, Giants Cave and Jewel Cave. Learn interesting facts about the caves and the history of their exploration.


Boranup Forest

Located a 25-minute drive south of Margaret River, Boranup Forest is a spectacular spot for a walk amongst the majestic tall Karri trees. The dappled sunlight peeking through the tree canopy makes for impressive photos, with the trees undulating across the valley.


Tree Top Walk, Tingledale

Walk amongst the tree tops and marvel at the Walpole wilderness at this purpose-built 600m walkway tracing the ancient forest tree canopy. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to bird calls and learn more about the native flora and fauna of the region.


Greens Pool, Denmark

Perhaps one of the South West’s best kept secrets are Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks in Denmark. On the fringe of William Bay National Park you’ll find Greens Pool, a white sand beach with a sheltered lagoon, perfect for snorkelling, stand up paddleboarding or lazing on the shore. A short walk away is Elephant Rocks, a hidden narrow cove with large granite boulders resembling a herd of elephants marching out to sea.

The Gap Albany

The Gap, Albany

No visit to Albany is complete without a visit to this rugged part of coastline. Marvel at the power of the Southern Ocean from a 40 metre high platform positioned over a rocky outcrop, with surging waves underneath. Feel the salt spray and be mesmerised by the movements of the water just below you.


Cape Le Grand National Park, Esperance

45 minutes from Esperance (Kepa Kurl) you’ll reach Cape Le Grand National Park, known for stunning scenery and idyllic beaches. Lucky Bay – the iconic white-sand beach with the sunbaking kangaroos – should be at the top of your list when visiting this region. A short drive away you’ll also find the pristine beaches of Hellfire Bay and Thistle Cove, perfect for a swim and a picnic. For the more adventurous travellers, pack your walking shoes and tackle the hike to Frenchman’s Peak for spectacular views. Visitors during spring will see the landscape burst into colour with wildflowers and many different species of Banksia.

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Image credits: Tourism Western Australia