Cocos Keeling Islands

Cocos Keeling Islands: A True Tropical Paradise

Whether you decide to spend your entire holiday destination in the Cocos Keeling Islands or twin it with a trip to Christmas Island, you will experience a tropical island paradise that you’ll never forget.

If you like endless white-sand beaches and warm, crystal-clear waters, one of the best places to visit in Cocos Keeling Islands is Direction Island. Easily accessible by ferry, Direction Island is home to Cossies Beach which has been voted as number one in the 101 Best Australian Beaches! 

With 27 stunning islands to explore surrounded by an azure lagoon that’s teeming with marine life, it is no wonder that some of the top Cocos Keeling Island tourist experiences include water sports such as snorkelling, diving, boating, fishing,  kitesurfing, windsurfing and of course traditional surfing. 

Located just a half-day flight from Perth, the Cocos Keeling Islands can host just 144 visitors at any one time, so unlike many other tropical destinations, there are never crowds. You can hire kayaks and stand up paddle boards, or get below the water to experience some incredible snorkelling on both coral reefs and shipwrecks which are brimming full of brightly coloured tropical fish. If you’d rather catch and eat your fish instead, the Cocos Keeling Islands also offer excellent fishing for bonefish, trevally, sailfish and tuna off the endless beach, jetty and boat.

When you are ready to take a break from swaying palm trees, sandy shores and lapping water, make sure you take the ferry over to Home Island, where the heart of the Cocos Malay community live. Rich in culture and history, this is a wonderful place to learn how to do traditional weaving, try your hand at cooking Malay food and even join a cultural ceremony held in one of the homes across the island.

Cocos Keeling Islands consist of 27 coral islands encircling a lagoon. Each island is made up of white sand, plenty of palm trees and surrounded by sparkling blue water – very much the remote tropical paradise that you see in pictures. Of the 27 islands, only two are inhabited; West Island and Home Island.

You’ll likely spend most of your time on West Island, where the airport, a small supermarket and most accommodation are. There are several daily ferries to Home Island where the local Cocos Malay community live so you are able to visit. Speak to us about arranging a guided tour of Home Island. Ferries also run to Direction Island where you will find a previous winner of Best Beaches of Australia, Cossies Beach!

The Cocos Keeling Islands can offer crisp blue skies, fine white beaches all set in a lush tropical environment. You can explore the surrounding reefs and get up close and personal with the amazing marine life or while away your time relaxing in privacy on many of the beautiful deserted beaches. Enjoy the space and opportunity to escape to your own island for a day!

With a population of around 550, this destination will not offer hustle and bustle, nor attract the shop-a-holic but if you are interested in an unspoiled, quiet, safe, relaxed and friendly natural environment to adventure or relax, you cannot look past the Cocos Keeling Islands!

The temperature rarely exceeds 32 degrees or falls below 20 degrees Celsius. The islands experience two main seasons that often overlap: the trade wind season from May/June to September/October, and the calmer doldrum season from November through to May.

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