Staircase to the Moon, Broome

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Staircase to Moon is a natural phenomenon best witnessed in stunning Roebuck Bay, Broome.

The experience usually occurs over 3 nights on a full moon, between March and November. As the full moon 'rises' from below the horizon it's brightness reflects on the exposed extremely low-tide mudflats creating an illusion of a 'staircase to the moon'.

During the event periods Night Markets are held at Town Beach. Guests staying along Roebuck Bay at Mangrove Hotel and Moonlight Bay Suites are in the prime position. A new lookout, built in 2019, provides a great viewing location from Chinatown for a small group. It is recommended to arrive in your preferred location early and secure the best vantage point.

If you're planning a Broome holiday in 2023 we suggest timing your getaway with Staircase to the Moon, see 2023 dates below:

Wednesday 8th 6.50pm
Thursday 9th 7.23pm
Friday 10th 7.57pm

Friday 7th 6.34pm
Saturday 8th 7.13pm
Sunday 9th 7.58pm

Saturday 6th 5.53pm
Sunday 7th 6.42pm
Monday 8th 7.37pm

Monday 5th 6.26pm
Tuesday 6th 7.31pm
Wednesday 7th 8.38pm

Tuesday 4th 6.20pm
Wednesday 5th 7.29pm
Thursday 6th 8.35pm

Wednesday 2nd 6.03pm
Thursday 3rd 7.21pm
Friday 4th 8.23pm

Thursday 31st 6.03pm

Friday 1st 7.05pm
Saturday 2nd 7.05pm

Saturday 30th 6.45pm

Sunday 1st 7.45pm
Monday 2nd 8.45pm

Sunday 29th 6.26pm
Monday 30th 7.28pm
Tuesday 31st 8.29pm

The experience is a natural occurrence, out of our control, therefore subject to other weather conditions, i.e. clouds can affect the phenomenon.

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