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When exploring an exciting new destination with so much to see and do, there is nothing better than having the complete flexibility to go where you like and making your own schedule. By choosing to avail our  Car Hire Northern Territory, you’ll be able to explore many of the attractions that this rugged destination has to offer off the beaten trail.


If you live for adventure and exploring the great outdoors, then car rental in the Northern territory is the way to go. Immerse yourself in the regions’ dramatic landscapes, beautiful wildlife and the country’s history. Enjoy making these unforgettable moments from the comfort of the driver’s seat, take your family or friends and have the world as your oyster, you’ve not seen the real Australia till you explore it on four wheels.

Booking Our Car Hire To Northern Territory

Embark on an adventure through the unspoiled land of Kakadu National Park, an hour and a half’s drive from Darwin where you’ll discover an abundance of wildlife, waterfalls and ancient culture. This stunning world heritage site is an amazing utopia ready for you to experience – just take the Nature’s Way route through the heart of Kakadu for a truly mesmerising scenic drive.

Alternatively head to the Red Centre to take in the true outback of Australia where you will be able to see across the flat landscape for miles around and experience the euphoric moment when you see the iconic Uluru in all its glory.

With so many attractions within possible driving distance and a fleet of reliable and modern vehicles available, organise your Northern Territory car hire today and be ready for every adventure.

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